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About Us

At Kim Sassen there is a lot that inspires us, whether it be history and all that it has taught us about fashion, people and their expression of it, or nature with its combination of structure and fluidity. We aim to take a little bit of everything, combining and adjusting as we go until it feels just right.

There are a few primary focus points when it comes to creating a garment that does not only speak for itself but will stand the test of time and remain consistently in style with its classic fit and unique touch.
We uphold a strict policy when it comes to using high quality natural fabrics that feel luxurious, while allowing the body to breathe and creating an easy fit that is flattering and comfortable, keeping in mind that we are all women with unique and beautiful bodies.

Our intention is to focus on the fine detailing and quality of each individual garment in the hopes of creating an item that you would be proud to own for many years to come.

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